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Post #2: Look What You Can Do On Flickr!

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This is a trading card I made on Flickr. It was free and easy! Imagine how you could use this in your school library with your students! You could take digital pictures of your students reading their favorite books and they could write a brief summary about the book; they could advertise for their favorite genre or they could even print them out and use them as bookmarks (students can never get enough bookmarks!)

Check it out or make your own trading card at:

Flickr is a Web 2.0 tool and a photo sharing website.  Not only can you post your photos to share with others, you can tag your photos to allow anyone else to find and view your photos.  Tagging also allows you to search for a tag term to find certain photos that match your criteria.  It is a free tool that anyone can utilize for personal reasons or to use as a tool to add attractiveness to your library. However, only the first 200 photos are accessible through a users account.  After you accumulate over 200 photos, you won’t have direct access to tag or edit them through your account (“Flickr” Wikipedia, 2007). In fact, you can now tag and search photos by geographic location (Arrington, 2007).If you don’t want anyone to be able to see the pictures you post on Flickr, you can choose to keep your photos private.  This decision would be a great topic to discuss with students in the school library: how do you make the decision of whether you want the public to see your photos?  If you decide to make them public, should you just post any picture you want or use some discretion?


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